Our Products


Dedicated to hair beauty and well-being, the Keratese experience is one made of quality ingredients and smooth silky hair results for our clients. It’s a wonderful highly-esteemed product here at LM Hair London and we couldn’t be more satisfied with our choice in having this product to service our clients with whenever necessary.



 Olaplex is a product designed specifically to prevent damage and repair hair. Throughout the years of the numerous hair treatments women experience, its inevitable that at some point some harmful chemicals may have been introduced to the hair because of how good it made the customer look, we believe in good style – but not at the expense of good healthy hair and Olaplex helpsto reverse the damage. We’re very proud to offer this product to our clients as it has done wonders for them so far.

Moroccan Oil

 Moroccan oil does wonders for our clients at The Royal Palace, it’s the perfect styling and hair-care foundation. Fully equipped with essential conditioning and styling benefits, the Moroccan Oil formula is infused with Argan Oil creating a long-lasting smoothness within the hair. This increases overall hair manageability, boosts shine within the hair and speeds up the overall blow-dry time. It’s an Award-Winning formula and we’re happy to serve it to our clients.


Inoar is a formidable brand within the Hair-Styling industry that has built a strong track record of positive results. Our clients have experienced excellent hair-straightening results with this treatment and we’re always glad to have this product available whenever its needed. Quality and consistency matter to us, with a formula consistent of collagen and the healthy cacao extract, we can ensure that our clients hair fibers will be protected as well as ensuring a new level of hydration, flexibility and liveliness is brought to the hair.


 Being a signature brand within the hair-styling industry has been a status held by L’Oreal for more than a century, and there’s a good reason for it. At The Royal Palace we’re very proud to make daily use of this product and its shampoo range when it comes to caring for our clients and their hair. Our customers deserve only  the best and we want to ensure that is exactly what they experience when they visit our salon.